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Occupational hygienists recommend workers drink 250mls every 15 minutes when working in the heat. Drinking so much fluid can be difficult to maintain when using drink bottles that require constant refilling at far away hydration stations.

The new THORZT 5L Drink Cooler is built to accomodate an industrial sized thirst! Simply fill this little beauty at the start of your shift and you’ll be right for icey cold fluid replenishment ’til lunch.

An ergonomic handle makes it easy to take it with you all around the work site. When you need a hydration hit, simply fill the removable cup from the handy push button tap, or skull it straight from the sippa spout!

It’s hardy, impact resistant exterior can withstand everyday hits and knocks, while the screw top lid ensures it won’t spill a drop.

The quick access filling port makes it easy to top up, add ice, and minimises mess when mixing in electrolytes. The entire top also screws off for easy cleaning.

When you work up an industrial sized thirst, you need an industrial sized cooler that’s up to the challenge. Make the THORZT 5L Cooler your best work buddy this summer, for a large store of ice cold, liquid replenishment that’s always within arm’s reach.

Available in Blue (DC05B) and Hi Vis Orange (DC05O).