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Contents: Mechanics Square Slotted 10mm x 300mm

Mechanics Round Slotted 8mm x 200mm, 6mm x 150mm

Electricians Round Slotted 5mm x 100mm, 4mm x 80mm, 3mm x55mm

Phillips #3 x 150mm, #2 x 150mm, #1 x 100mm, #0 x 80mm

Two Way Stubby Phillips #2 & Slotted 6mm

Insulated 1000V Slotted 3mm x 100mm, Phillips #2 x 100mm

•  Chrome Vanadium Square Steel Shaft on the 10mm x 300mmscrewdriver

• High impact cellulose acetate handle virtually unbreakable andhighly resistant to solvents and oils

• “Speed Zone” ergonomics for low torque high speed work

• Colour coded handles for easy identification of screwdrivertype

• Hardened & Magnetised Tip

• Includes 1000V rated screwdrivers

• Chrome vanadium alloy steel for durability and rustresistance

• Ribbed recess for non slip grip